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How can healthy organizations emerge?

How can healthy organizations emerge?

We all know that a rising number of individuals do have burn-out symptoms. Fact is that increasingly it seems as if whole organizations are on the edge of burning out as well. This is why clients nowadays ask me, what they can do to transform their company into a healthier organization.

What does research say?

Aaron Antonovsky, a professor of medical sociology, discovered three factors that are essential for people to become and remain healthy:

  • Comprehensibility: Do I understand the circumstances of my live?
  • Manageability: Do I have the feeling that I can manage the challenges ahead with the resources available to me?
  • Meaningfulness: Do I think that what I do has a bigger meaning?

This study was conducted 40 years ago. Today, it is more relevant than ever. Health to Antonovsky is a continuum: The clearer my answers to the questions above are the healthier my life will be.

How does this concept apply to organizations?

I believe that Antonovsky's concept is perfect to answer my headline question: How does an organization become healthy? Why? Because when you lead your organization or your respective area of responsibility your focus should be on answering the following questions:

  • Comprehensibility: How do our company's processes work? Which part am I/are we responsible for?
  • Manageability: What resources, what strengths can I/we rely on to master the challenges ahead?
  • Meaningfulness: Where do I/we contribute to the bigger meaning? What does our customer get out of this?

Communication is a major key to success here. From my experience LARGE GROUP CONFERENCES can be an efficient instrument

  • to create a common understanding of the status quo and the future vision /Comprehensibility!,
  • to discover the resources necessary and available to manage how to get there and /Manageability!
  • to discover what everyone's contribution to the greater meaning is /Meaningfulness!