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Change Management

Sustainable Change Management

On paper it is easy to scratch change initiatives. To transform your ideas into reality is a lot more difficult.

Change initiatives are more likely to succeed if

  • employees understand purpose and meaning of the change envisioned,
  • employees and other stakeholders get the feeling that they can make an impact in the course of the process and
  • employees trust in their leaders, the organization in general and in their own personal strengths and potentials.

Experience shows that it is therefor essential to deal with the following questions from the very beginning:

  • Why are we doing this?
  • What strengths and resources can we rely on?
  • Where can each and every one of us make a contribution?

Selected methods can help to mobilize employees for change initiatives. Large group interventions can be a very powerful instrument to create a common view on the future of the organisation as well as the current reality.

Each and every change initiative needs a clear process including feedback loops. It needs a lot of know-how to manage such a change. Me and my colleagues do have the required expertise in helping you navigate such a change process and steer your organization towards the defined future.

Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein