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Führungsqualifizierung mit Fokus auf Stärken

Focusing only on the qualification of single leaders will miss out on delivering the results you want to achieve. In order to professionalize leadership all leaders should work together to define values and principles that can then be used as a navigation tool to implement the strategy and reach the preferred future. The qualification of your leaders can only start once there is a common understanding on the “how to lead”. As soon as the context is clear leaders need to be given the theory on leadership, the right tools and they need to be given a chance to reflect on their roles on a continuous basis.

It is important to raise the awareness of leaders on STRENGTHS AND POTENTIALS, their own, the ones of their teams and of the organization in total! Why? Because focusing and fostering strengths and potentials provides quite simply the biggest leverage! Excellence can be reached best through focusing on things you can do best.

When qualifying leaders it is therefore essential to shift their focus also on

  • EVERYTHING THAT WORKS WELL, in addition to what does not work.
  • WHAT’S INSPIRING, in addition to only looking at what’s difficult.
  • WHAT EXTRAORDINARY, in addition to what’s merely effective.

If you focus on the strengths & resources energy for extraordinary performance can arise.

Peter Senge
Peter Senge