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Sonja Karall

„I appreciate Claudia for her professional and convincing manner which is paired with sound knowledge and diverse working experience. Privately she is an empathic, warm and humorous woman. She is highly authentic, her appearance is harmonious and her presence in front of groups is very strong. She can respond to the relevant needs and dynamics and all this is in my mind her recipe for success as a strong and valued trainer and consultant. Working with her means being respectful and being respected, we fully trust each other. Working with her is harmonious and it simply is fun.“

Sonja Karall,
University of HR in Eisenstadt/ Lector for Master Studies

„A couple of years ago we had to start a large change project. Claudia Wenzl-Wintersteiger guided us through a whole process of developing our mission and our vision. She not only helped us develop a new strategy but was also a great trainer in developing our leaders. She is very competent, symathic and empathic. While working with us she has lead large group seminars as well as workshops with our management team and held seminars for our leaders. She has a great focus on goals while at same time she knows what exactly it takes at certain moments. Up until now she is helping us successfully in navigating change.“

Harald Valenta,
Barta/ Managing Director
Wolfgang Deutschmann

„Für die Begleitung unseres Mergers von Covidien und Medtronic in Österreich war ich auf der Suche nach kompetenter Prozessberatung. Die von Claudia Wenzl-Wintersteiger im Rahmen des Integrationsprozesses moderierte Großgruppe von Führungskräften hat meine Erwartungen und jene meiner Mitarbeiter bei weitem übertroffen. Durch ein von ihr perfekt an die Anforderungen adaptiertes völlig neues Setting ist es uns gelungen, die Anliegen der Mitarbeiter zu hören und sie in den Prozess der Ideenfindung für unsere gemeinsame Zukunft zu beteiligen. Getreu unseres Mottos „Further together“ wurden in den 2 Tagen viele lösungsorientierte Konzepte erarbeitet, die wir unmittelbar ab dem nächsten Tag einsetzen konnten. Herzlichen Dank für die hervorragende Zusammenarbeit!“

Wolfgang Deutschmann,
Managing Director Medtronic

„I thoroughly enjoyed the leadership development course led by Claudia. It had the right level of theory and practical game play, which made the time pass extremely fast. Claudia`s people skills are fantastic, even the shyest members of the group became very vocal quickly. As a result I learnt more in 3 days then I have done in 10 years. Superb. Bring on the next module!“

Rob Leach,
Mosdorfer CCL Systems Ltd/ Business Development Manager
Wolfgang Braunböck

„I got to know Claudia years ago when we both attended the training to be a systemic coach. During the past years she led several of our internal regional workshops at Oracle. My team greatly appreciated her professionalism, her calmness and her extensive experience as an HR Director as well as her excellent systemic knowledge. Her contribution was key to success for every single workshop. Her professional coaching significantly contributed to the development of my team. Many thanks!“

Wolfgang Braunböck,
Oracle/ HR Director CEE & Middle East and Africa

„Claudia supported us efficiently and well structured throughout our entire reorganization process with her extensive professional expertise, experience, a clear vision and the relevant intuition needed for such a process. During this process, we came to clearly see the resources available in our team. Fully equipped with knowing our goals, the tasks to fulfill and with a new working structure we are working with renewed energy and are already in the phase of implementation.“

Andreas Tschulik,
Ministry for environment and health/ Department Manager

„Working with Claudia means being drawn in and swept away by her empathic character and her presence. She consistently focuses on the strengths of people and urges them to increase their individual sense of responsibility. This approach allows people to experience learning in a positive way and it teaches people to believe in the impact of their actions. At the beginning she extensively analyses the status quo of your business. Together you will define goals and the different approaches to get there. Solutions will always be custom-made. Mrs Wenzl-Wintersteiger is very flexible in her work and always features suitable examples to exemplify the theory. She has a fine sense of humor, she is charming, but she will place criticism where it is needed and appropriate. Mrs Wenzl-Wintersteiger worked with us on our multi-year talent management program and we greatly benefited from her competence.“

Mag. Karin Lechle,
Hypo Tirol Bank AG/ Management- & Organizational Development


Medtronic, Ministry of health & environmental affairs, Spar, Vivatis Holding AG, Hypo Tirol Bank, Barta, Miba, Knill Gruppe, Austrian Standards, Nike, ZF, Oracle, T-Mobile, ....


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Claudia Wenzl-Wintersteiger
Claudia Wenzl-Wintersteiger